Fmge Exams are not tough to crack. You will be having more competition in 2024 FMGE Exams. Though there have been changes in the Exam pattern but students need to know how to prepare for the Exams.
We Provide Tips to Prepare FMGE @

  • Students from Bangladesh,
  • Students from Philippines,
  • Students from
  • Russia,
  • Students from European countries and
  • Students from China

They have to start preparing in a bit of different manner than they study in their institutions.
From previous pattern
there are some changes in the pattern of Examinations. The Fmge exams have been and will be more clinically oriented. Most students are not well versed with the features of this pattern of Examinations.

Fmge students need to know that they can do well and better than their Indian counterparts and most students get good ranks in NEET PG.
They should start preparing on higher standards and focus more on concept building, studying in more clinically oriented manner with much more and renewed focus on Clinical Cases, Concept based questions, Image Based Questions, new developments, Explanatory and Lab value based questions.

The Focus on Clinical Anatomy, Clinical Biochemistry, Surgery, Medicine, Pathology and Medical Subspecialties is important.

The Study pattern should be in the form of Clinical Cases and Scenarios. The Role of Standard Text books are very important like Robbins for Pathology, Davidson /Harrison for Medicine, Nelson for Pediatrics, Roxburg for Dermatology, Bailey for Surgery

Qualities of Good FMGE Aspirant to Excel in New Format Exams


  • Takes all Subjects Seriously
  • Adapts to Changes Quickly
  • Always has a Good Concept
  • Tries to Learn from Experience


Study Anatomy from Clinical View Point. Example:


Q: A laborer suffers from loss of initiation of abduction of shoulder joint after he carried heavy loads on his back for three continuous days. Most likely cause is: injury of:

  1. Axillary nerve
  2. Median nerve
  3. Median Nerve
  4. Nerve of Bell


Study Biochemistry   from Clinical View Point. Example:


Q: A mentally retarded child is diagnosed with Phenylketonuria.  Classic PKU is the result from a defect in which pathway of phenylalanine to tyrosine

  1. Carboxylation
  2. Phosphorylation
  3. Hydroxylation
  4. Alkylation


Study Clinical Cases Like: 


Q: A 26   year old male in medicine ward is labeled as having anemia with Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency. What is true of this disease?

  1. Least common RBC enzyme defect.
  2. X-linked disorder
  3. Incidence is lowest in black individuals
  4. Fava beans are curative




Q: A 21 year old male has perianal pruritis, irritability, restlessness. Pinworm infection is established. The Drug best suited is:

  1. Sulphur salts
  2. Dimethyl carbazine
  3. Metronadizole
  4. Mebendazole



Q: A 26 year old male has severe pain in the region below knee in his right tibia. He is febrile and cannot walk freely. A diagnosis of Acute Osteomyelitis is made. The most likely organism responsible is:

  1. Streptococcus
  2. Proteus
  3. Pseudomonas
  4. Staphylococcus


Focus on Image Based Questions:


A patient presents in shock after sustaining Trauma in a high velocity RTA. (Road Traffic  Accident).  On Examination of Abdomen there is diffuse tenderness, His CT scan is shown below.  Kehrs Sign is said to be positive. Most likely it demonstrates an injury to which organ



Description: D:\radio obaid\Splenic trauma\220220131079.jpg


  1. Colon
  2. Spleen
  3. Liver
  4. Pancreas


The Focus on Clinical Anatomy, Clinical Biochemistry, Surgery, Medicine, Pathology and Medical Subspecialties is important.


  • Do not underestimate Standard Text Books
  • Practice Clinical Cases
  • Study images in your Text
  • Start Early
  • Be consistent in your studies

Wisdom lies in the fact to have a good study pattern. Students are advised not to consult too many books and start concept oriented studies right from the start. We hope that you understand the way Questions could be asked in future. Our Experts are always there to guide you. For More Information on how to qualify , one can have a look at