Anatomy and its subtopics are an important component of Modern Neet Pg Exams as the NEET Pg exams have undergone a lot of Change.
Clinically oriented and Image Based questions are an important component.  NEET Examinations is Broad Based.


  • Anatomy is a vast subject.
  • Anatomy is tough
  • Anatomy is difficult to retain
  • Anatomy has many subtopics.
  • Lots of Questions are asked from Anatomy.
  • Questions from Anatomy are also asked from Surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT, and Obstetrics.


Histology, Embryology, Regional Anatomy, Thorax, Abdomen, Limbs, Neuroanatomy, Surface Anatomy are all aspects to be covered.

Recent Changes have propelled students to read in a more integrated manner.


  • What we expect in Examinations is unpredictable.
  • Too many Possibilities are there


From Our Perspective One should not miss the following 50  Topics.


  1. Air sinuses
  2. Ape Hand Deformity
  3. Carpal  Tunnel syndrome
  4. Cavernous sinus: Relations
  5. Claw hand deformity
  6. Facial artery  
  7. Foramina of skull Contents
  8. Coronary Sinus: anatomy
  9. Cranial Nerve : VII, IX , X
  10. Derivatives of Germ Layers
  11. Development of CNS
  12. Development of Intramembranous Septum of Heart
  13. Disposition of Epithelium
  14. Dupynterns Contracture
  15. Falciform ligament
  16. Femoral Hernia
  17. Femoral vein: in femoral canal
  18. Flexor digitorum longus tendon
  19. Iliohypogastric nerve
  20. Ilioinguinal nerve
  21. Inferior vena Cava development          
  22. Internal jugular vein : tributaries
  23. Lateral Cricoarytenoid
  24. Ligament of Treitz
  25. Ligamentum  venosum
  26. Liver Couinads segments
  27. Pancreas: histology
  28. Pharyngeal Apparatus
  29. Popliteal artery in popliteal fossa
  30. Portal triad: contents
  31. Plantar arch
  32. Recurrent laryngeal nerve
  33. Right Atrium: development
  34. Testicular Vein drainage
  35. The blood supply of duodenum
  36. Sciatic nerve
  37. Umbilicus
  38. Image Based question on Cavernous Sinus
  39. Image Based question on Bronchopulmonary segments
  40. Image Based question on Internal and External carotid artery
  41. Image Based question on Histology
  42. Image Based question on Placenta
  43. Image Based question on Heart and its blood supply
  44. Hemorrhoids
  45. Uterine Prolapse
  46. Clinical and surgical Anatomy of  Gall Bladder
  47. Clinical and surgical Anatomy of  Urinary Bladder
  48. Clinical and surgical Anatomy of  Rectum
  49. Clinical and surgical Anatomy of  Adrenals
  50. Clinical and surgical Anatomy of  Rectus sheath


Take references from Grays, Read from BD Chaurasia and Lasts Anatomy and  take help of Netters Atlas, Di Fore’s Histology as well .


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