The latest NEET Pg and Fmge Notifications suggest a new pattern of Questions and hence a new strategy. Different students have different perspectives as to when, how and what subjects to start with for NEET PG Preparation.

Based on our view point and tips from seniors and toppers, we have a strong opinion that studies should be systemic, programmed and a well arranged time frame in place is very essential.


  • Your NEET PG preparation should not be Haphazard
  • Your NEET PG preparation should not be irregular
  • Your NEET PG preparation should not be unplanned


.One should invariably start with   Basic Sciences preferably Anatomy.

Anatomy is a fundamental to all surgical streams and revising Anatomy first removes the need to again go back to the subjects while doing clinical subjects.

Anatomy is a vast subject but one can’t ignore. Questions are asked from all its branches like Histology, Embryology, Regional Anatomy but it tends to be a bit boring. So you can start with a smaller subject like biochemistry simultaneously. This is important as reading a single subject sometimes bores you a lot.

Always keep specific weeks as time limit for each subject. For Major subjects like Anatomy, Pathology , Medicine, Surgery.  Keep double the time as for smaller / minor subjects.

After combination of Anatomy and Biochemistry take up Physiology and Pathology   which should be followed by Pharmacology and Microbiology with a bit of extra time devoted to Forensic Sciences. SPM Needs a lot of Cramming and that can be done separately. This Format will finish your Pre and Para clinical Subjects without you getting bored. Once the Burden of These Basic Subjects is over you can go to the Next Phase.


Clinical Subjects:


Clinical Subjects tend to be more interesting but they can easily distract you and Waste your precious time if you are not Careful enough. Medicine along with subspecialties would be ideal after finishing the Basic Sciences. Invariably don’t take Medicine along with Surgery or Obs/Gynae. It becomes too hectic and laborious.  Take Medicine with Dermatology   followed by Radiology, Psychiatry

After Medicine take Surgery along with subspecialties like Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, and ENT.

In the End you can take Gynae Obs and Paediatrics. This would all help you in Preparing nicely.

In the end make a revision of all notes and Points you have found difficult initially. Remember you should keep one month at least for revising all you have studied. Revision forms the Basis of Good performance.

Revision books and Online Programmes like ours should be reserved for last 4 -5 months.  Never try to overdo. Most students tend to take 4-6 subjects on daily basis. This confuses them   lot especially initially once they try to attempt MCQs and don’t get them right. This discourages hem and that is the last thing a medical   student needs.



Remember it takes time, you need to have Patience and you will be fully rewarded in the end.

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