NEET Pg exam and INICET Exam is online. For that reason a NEET PG Aspirant or a MBBS Student student should need to start his preparation online. Spending much of the time online they go through a lot of concepts from different websites meant for preparing online exams. You can get a lot of previous year’s papers for the websites to prepare well for the exams. This will help you to understand the format of the questions and if you managed your time it will prove to be a good practicing strategy to make sure that you spend the right amount of time on each section.  For Current Examinations like NEET PG, FMGE, and INICET one needs to know the latest.

Med Exam prep aims to help students become effective learners. Many influential individuals have recommended that the physical lectures in the classes are not the most prolific methods for most of the students to learn new materials. But preparing through these online modes will actively engage a learner to improve their learning outcomes.

Med Exam Prep will help you in preparing for the exams. We have certain Q banks, materials to help you prepare for NEET PG, FMGE, and INICET. These will help you to familiarize yourself with the test content, level and format. 

We provide a range of support materials for candidates. This includes test specifications, past papers, suggested reading materials and links to specimen papers.

The Question banks arte latest and from all major subjects like Anatomy, Obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics Medicine, Pathology, Surgery, SPM as well as other minor subjects.


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Tips for NEET PG preparation


Those who dream to have a career in the field of medical science have to prepare from the very early stage of career. It is not only about getting good rank in 12th standard only as there are many more tests they have to clear. NEET PG is a Test for Post Graduation and is one of the most important medical entrance examination organized in India. It is organized for the medical students who are willing to do the post graduation course. This examination was previously called as AIPGMEE, but later it was replaced with NEET. Medical students, who have completed their undergraduate courses with certain marks, are eligible to appear in this postgraduate examination. Most students, who appear first time for the examination, remain very confused and cannot decide what they should prepare. To bring an end to the confusion, let me suggest you some tips and tricks which can help you in the examination.


How to plan your syllabus?


Most of the NEET candidates are stuck up in the same question of what to study. Here are some important tips for NEET pg preparation which can be very effective for the examination. With time, the competition has also increased among the students. In order to perform better in the examination, hard work and focus are the two most important factors. But along with that, proper planning is also required to score good percentage in the entrance. If you are looking forward to clearing the entrance, then only hard work is not enough. You need to combine smart work with hard work to get the best results. Minimum research on the NEET questions will give you an idea about the weightage of the subjects. However, as the questions are not at all repeated, you are not going to get any help by solving the question papers. You can arrange the subjects in order of their weightage, that is, which subjects should be studied earlier.


Plan your daily study schedule:


Regular reading is required if you want to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subjects. It is better to start the preparations for the examination as early as possible. Start your preparations at least six months prior to the examination by planning a timetable or schedule of day to day life. In this way, you can divide your time between the subjects perfectly. Secondly, always try to note down small notes from the book while reading. This will help in better understanding as well as easy memorizing of the lessons. Also, try to do a bit research on the internet about the particular chapters you are reading to gather some knowledge. Lastly, revision and mock tests play a vital role in the preparation. It is advisable to revise each and every lesson after reading it to ensure thorough understanding. Mock tests are very important to check the progress report of the individual. The resultant marks will give you an idea and knowledge about your preparations.


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