Surgery aspirants for Super specialization long for sources of information. The NEET Mch exams are getting tougher day by day and Mch aspirants are in constant search for sources of examinations.

Toppers and experts suggest a bit of change in targeting the NEET SS exams. Students should have a better strategy pattern in line with latest requirements.


The focus on all topics like urology, endocrine aspects, oncology, pathological aspects, clinical cases, images is needed. More focus on concept is needed.



What to Study for Mch. Books Recommended for General Surgery.


  • Anatomic Exposures in Vascular Surgery
  • Bailey
  • Lasts Anatomy
  • Robbins Pathology
  • Rutherfords Vascular Surgery
  • S Das Surgery
  • Schakelford
  • Blumgart
  • NMS Surgery
  • American Surgeon
  • Sabiston
  • Schwartz Surgery



Mch General Surgery Exam


  • Exam: NEET Mch surgery
  • Conducted by : NBE
  • Eligibility: MS Surgery
  • Level: Pg Superspeciality
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Probable Upcoming Dates: September/October or Beyond
  • Question Type : MCQs
  • Exam : Single Day Online Examination 


What to Expect.


Mch Question Pattern


An elderly Hypertensive male   with Resistant Hypertension is evaluated as his Blood urea and Serum Creatinine levels are high. Examination is Normal. CT Abdomen of the patient is shown. Most likely diagnosis is:




Description: C:\Users\muneeb\Documents\obaid\Aortic aneurysm\120320131481.jpg



  1. Aortic aneurysm
  2. Aortic dissection
  3. Bilateral Renal Vessel Duplication
  4. Renal artery aneurysm


Mch Question Pattern


A 4 year old child has a big swelling on his leg. He had multiple episodes of Bleeding with urine and   Bleeding Per rectum. Kassabaach Merrit syndrome was diagnosed. It consists of triad of


  1. Giant Fibro adenoma, Thrombocytosis  , Coagulopathy
  2. Giant Fibro adenoma, Thrombocytopenia , Coagulopathy
  3. Giant Hemangioma , Thrombocytopenia , Coagulopathy
  4. Giant Hemangioma , Thrombophilia  , Coagulopathy


Mch Question Pattern


A 25 year old   male with   frequent seizures   has a malar rash .  CT Scan shows   multiple hamartomatous  lesions  in cerebral hemispheres as well as cerebellum. The most likely disease is:


  1. Metastatic brain tumor.
  2. Tuberous  sclerosis
  3. Sturge -weber syndrome
  4. Osler -weber-rendu disease


Mch Question Pattern


A 84  year old smoker  who has cushingoid features has an episode of  hemoptysis . He  is diagnosed  with lung cancer.He has got SIADH and peripheral Neuropathy on Endocrinologic Evaluation.  CT Guided biopsy of lung is done the results of which are awaited. Most likely cause  is:

  1. Pitutary Tumor
  2. Squamous cell carcinoma
  3. Adrenal carcinoma
  4. Oat cell carcinoma


Mch Question Pattern

A  42 year old has a tumor in relation to  diaphragm sella ,  that Originates from remnants of Rathke pouch  and presents  with bitemporal field defects. Most Likely cause  is :


  1. Astrocytoma
  2. Oligodendroglioma
  3. Craniopharyngioma
  4. Cerebellar hemangioblastoma


We recommend starting early for examinations. Online courses and practicing Mcqs are a must.

We recommend taking standard sources of reference. 

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