Genetics is not preferred by many. DM Genetics is a rarity. But genetics is gaining Popularity among MD Students. Genetics has less seats as compared to other branches. NEET DM Medical Genetics needs an in-depth study of Various Topics concerning the Subject. A Dm student needs to know what material to study as it is very complicated to study genetics. This is complicated by the fact that there is no complete   book for any NEET Genetics Preparation and no book is written best to cover all its Topics. Along with Books, latest research, recent advances and standard Online Programmes give the Best Platform for Students to get Higher Ranks and perform better. Practice for exams is important.

The Real NEET DM Examination for genetics is purely a Standard MCQ Based examination in which students are tested on their ability to answer MCQS. It is getting tougher every year with standard increasing. It is an online Examination conducted by NBE. Clinical Aspects and fundamentals of Genetics are tested.


Standard books l to be taken as Reference:

  • Origins of Genome Architecture
  • Evolutionary Genomics and Proteomics
  • Genetics: Analysis and Principals
  • Harrisons Medicine
  • Robbins Pathology
  • Davidson


Good strategy for Preparation matters. The Best matter will produce better results what examination it may be The Online Programmes cater to Standard Text and questions are from these Texts.  This Programme has been specially devised to cater to Latest Questions, All important Text Matter and Contains Questions with the best possible Explanations and Questions for Practice Also. A student needs to be best prepared for the Examinations and this effort of mine is a step in that direction.


Important Topics asked lately in DM Genetics

  • ACE
  • Allograft rejection
  • Amniocentesis
  • Antibacterial
  • antiviral cytotoxic T cell        
  • Apoptosis
  • Associated with cataract
  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Autosomal recessive            
  • Bad
  • Bax
  • bcl-X
  • Bim
  • Cell division
  • Cell necrosis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Dermatofibroma protruberans
  • DNA and RNA
  • Down syndrome
  • Edward’s syndrome
  • Electron transport chain
  • FAP gene   
  • Fibrillin Gene
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Genomics library
  • HOX 11
  • Importance of Chromosome 10                  
  • Importance of Chromosome 21
  • Importance of Chromosome 5
  • Importance of Chromosome 9
  • Increased apoptosis
  • Malignant histiocytic fibroma
  • Mendelian syndrome
  • Microdeletion
  • Monosomy
  • NPHS 2
  • p53
  • Pataus syndrome
  • PAX
  • Polygenic syndrome
  • Prion  disease
  • Promyelocitic leukemia
  • Proteins
  • Rb
  • Rb  gene
  • Ret Proto Oncogene
  • Retinoblastoma
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Telomerase inactivation
  • Telomerase reactivation       
  • Tetraploidy
  • Triploidy
  • WT-1


NEET DM Genetics Sample Questions:

 A 22 years old person is a known diabetic on oral hypoglycemic agents since 3 years. He is non obese and never had DKA. His grandfather and father both are diabetic. Which  of the following is the most likely diagnosis:

  1. MODY
  2. DM type I
  3. DM type II
  4. Pancreatic diabetes



NEET DM Genetics Sample Questions:


Wilsons   disease is characterized   by Molecular   defect within a copper-transporting ATPase


  1. encoded by a gene on chromosome 14.
  2. encoded by a gene on chromosome 13.
  3. encoded by a gene on chromosome 12.
  4. encoded by a gene on chromosome 11.


NEET DM Genetics Sample Questions:


A febrile young Child had Thrombocytopenia and Eczema . He has had Multiple Respiratory Infections in the Past.  The Condition is due to mutation in Gene Involving the Protein:

  1. ATM Protein
  2. JAk -3 Protein
  3. SLAM Associated Protein
  4. WASP Protein



NEET DM Genetics Sample Questions:

A 65 year old man has clear cell type renal cancer with cerebellar Hemangiomas and retinal angiomas.  It involves genetic alterations in:

  1. VHL 
  2. Merlin
  3. ATM
  4. APC


The idea is to give Superspeciality students an idea what to study and how to prepare. The level of questions may vary. Centres for NEET Dm genetics are in selected centres only. Most likely in Standard hospitals centered in cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Competition for leading institutions is great and getting a good score is important for getting branch of choice and college of choice.

The   prime  focus for students to go through the Course with high degree of concentration and to concentrate on the explanations for best results.  That should give the Student a tremendous success.

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