It is the hard work which matters most. Diligence is the Key. Intelligence has a low role. Better Prepared Students naturally fare Better. Overconfidence can ruin a student. Study of Medicine is conceptual and Questions asked range a lot. A proper Preparation is essential. In view of Scarcity of time, one should always avoid big text books. However for Standard reference you can use them. Our Target should be to complete preparation in 6 months with adequate revision at the end.


What to revise from

Important Points should be taken notes of. Revise with all Authentic Revision Courses and Online Courses. offers a great resource for NEET PG.

What is the NEET PG Exam Like?

NEET PG is an online Computer based Test with Negative Marking. Previously it was a written Test


Remember the Following Points

  • Every subject has a weight age.
  • Every Mark is important
  • Don’t Get Easy Questions wrong
  • There is nothing like Major and Minor Subject.
  • Try to read Question and Answer options carefully.
  • Never be too fast in Answering. Never Get Overexcited.
  • Relax day before Exams
  • Take Online Preparation Tests along with your Book Study.


Every subject has a weight age. Minor subjects means Subjects like Radiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Forensic Sciences. These all add up. Neet Aspirants with High Ranks usually score better in Minor Subjects, Some Minor subjects are Super speciality subjects and usually not taken seriously by NEET Aspirants. Mostly they underperform in these Subjects causing their ranks to drop significantly.

  • Are Minor Subjects Important?

Yes. They are important. Each  and every mark in NEET PG Exam Matters. There is a lot of competition.

  • When to study them?

They should be studied alongside Major Subjects. Best strategy is to study one Major and one Minor Subject Together. This makes it interesting and not boring a Student.

  • How much time to study each minor subject?

Ideally it should take 15-20 days to complete each subject. One should keep adequate time for revision in the end as well.

  • What to read for minor subjects?

Ideally Big Text books can’t be read for the subjects. A combination of Mcq books (Standard) along with Online Tests is sufficient for exams.



What are the most important tips?

One should study images of Conditions as well. Radiographs, X rays, CT Scans, MRI Scans Dermatological conditions, Instruments all should be revised nicely. Clinical Correlations should be made.

Minor Subject

Questions expected









Forensic Medicine



The Subjects like Radiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, and Forensic Sciences are Super speciality and sometimes are not taken seriously by students. As a result students don’t fare well in these subjects. Subjects like Anatomy and Pharmacology are Vast and Evaporative. Multiple Revisions need to be done for Anatomy.

Subjects like Medicine, Surgery are interesting to Read and most students spend too much time on them. They should avoid spending Excess time on These Subjects.

Subjects like Pathology, SPM, and Obs/Gynae are also important. One should Focus Equally on all such Subjects.

Important Points to remember:

  • Pray to God /Almighty for Success
  • Seek Blessings from your Parents
  • Develop Positive Attitude right from Beginning (Start to End of Exams)
  • Motivate Yourself in Midterm.
  • Prepare a Well Defined Schedule for Preparation right from beginning .
  • Divide Time For your Subjects Appropriately (Don’t Give too much/ undesired  Importance to any particular subject)
  • Don’t Study too many books which you can’t revise.
  • Ideally MBBS Students Don’t needs   to go to Coaching Centres. (Wastage of time)
  • Don’t overstress   yourself too much. Avoid Anxious/undesirable Situations). Goal is to Pass NEET with Top Ranking.
  • Keep reminding yourself of Objective.
  • Don’t Prepare for Too many Examinations. Simultaneously (PLAB, USMLE, NEET). All Examinations are different.
  • Use a  Combination strategy (Text Books+ MCQ Books+ Online Courses)
  • Practice Mock Tests during last 4-6 months Vigorously
  • Have Patience. Patience always wins.


“When the going gets tough, the Tough get going”



Topping and Getting Very Good ranks in NEET PG Medical is  Prime motive for Medical Students as well as our prime motive. For this Students need to Prepare well based on what we provide them.

It is important to notice


  • Target Your Studies well in time and Proper Planning
  • Revise all High Yield Topics Thoroughly
  • Revise from all Authentic and Reliable  sources
  • Point out likely sources of error.
  • Don’t miss stuff previously asked
  • Never Overstress.
  • Base your Studies on Analysis and   Reasoning. 
  • Strategize well


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