NEET Pg Exams are now Online Examinations   conducted by NBE. The Competition tends to be tough with   thousands of Students   competing for Best Ranks and Better Colleges and Placements. Better ranks offer them Choice of Selecting   Subjects of their Choice   for Pg. In Nutshell better the Rank, more is your discretion power of Choosing Best. Different strategies are employed by different Students.

Student Wants

  • Good merit
  • Better Rank
  • Branch of choice
  • Not much Effort

There are lots of Books in Market further complicating the Students Choice as what to read but in general   from our Experience we can let you know

What Not to do

  • Don’t  go into the Preparation Unplanned without a Strategy
  • Don’t   prepare for the Exams without Time Strategy.
  • Don’t Procure Too many Books
  • Don’t Go   for  unauthentic sources for  Preparation
  • Don’t use Standard Text Books  for all Subjects
  • Don’t Randomize your Study
  • Don’t Rely too much on Previous Papers Only
  • Don’t Overemphasize on Image Based Questions Only
  • Don’t Give TOO Much time to Any Particular Subject
  • Don’t Try to Do too Much New
  • Don’t Waste too much time in Coaching Classes.
  • Don’t Think Videos only will take you Home
  • Don’t Miss Doing MCQ Practices.
  • Do not get carried away by advertisements of coaching institutions


Things To do :


  • Use Effective Time Strategy.
  • Use Standard sources for  Preparation
  • Do Self Study or Group Study
  • Make a list of all important points.



  • NEET Pg exam is not tough. It is extensive. All 19 subjects to be revised.
  • Students fear subjects like Anatomy, Pharmacology, SPM and Pathology.
  • They love subjects like Medicine, Surgery.
  • Small subjects like Radiology, Dermatology, and Ophthalmology are of less interest to majority. But one has to be well prepared for the exams.
  • Each subject is to be taken seriously.
  • We should not take any subject lightly. Experience suggests that Time should be well distributed and one should begin in time.
  • There is no scope for any shortcut to success.
  • Do not try to overdo or read too many books or too lengthy books. Most of students never revise with that Approach.
  • Toppers always are calculated. They study the most precise way.
  • There is no complete   book for any Post Graduate Examination and no book is written best to cover all Subjects.


Online Programmes like ours give the Best Platform for Students to get Higher Ranks and perform Better. Nobody can underestimate the importance of books but books tend to be static, adynamic not editable on frequent basis .

The Online Tests Provide Latest, Updated Modifiable and Editable Content with Lectures, Videos and Additional Facilities.

3D Images, Animation  makes online Versions more Attractive and absorbing and palatable.

They are devised as per latest curriculum and have all recent changes incorporated in them. Taking into account Our NEET PG Candidates , we have kept multiple packages (Time wise) ,User Friendly packs, Systematic Subject wise Tests, Self-Assessment, Graphic Personal Assessment, Best possible Q bank and User Friendly Experience , we are sure to Top the NEET Preparation Portals in India not only for NEET PG Examinations but also for NEET Super speciality DM and NEET for NEET Super speciality Mch Examinations.

They are beneficial for Neet pg, Fmge and INICET students as well.  We have noticed certain students relying   only on Coaching or else Videos underestimating the Fact that   on table Performance is what matters.  We don’t allow a student to waste too much time in Coaching Classes or overemphasize Videos.

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