Everyone doctor has a dream to be better. Doctors are obsessed with degrees. The higher the degree  the better are the chances of a bright future. Most MD and Ms Candidates want to have Mch or DM as an added Tag.

There are various leading institutions offering super speciality courses. NEET SS exams are conducted now.

NMC has made changes recently and the number of doctors appearing for Superspecialities has increased a lot. There is more competition now.


They are online examinations these days. Courses  and Exams in Surgery include NEET Mch include Mch General Surgery, Mch Plastic surgery, Mch Surgical Oncology, Mch Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Mch Gynaecological Oncology, Mch Surgical Gastroenterology, Mch Urology, Mch Neurosurgery, Mch Endocrine surgery .


In Medicine branches include DM General Medicine, DM Rheumatology, DM Pulmonary Medicine, DM Neurology, DM Nephrology, DM Medical Oncology, DM Medical Genetics, DM Gastroenterology, DM Endocrinology, DM Clinical Pharmacology, DM Cardiology, DM Immunology, DM Neonatology, DM Paediatrics, DM Haematology, DM Hematopathology.


What is important is that many students opt for branches like DM Cardiology, DM Endocrinology and DM Gastroenterology.

Surgeons mostly opt for Mch Surgical Gastroenterology, Mch Urology, Mch Neurosurgery, Mch Endocrine surgery more often.

Students differ in their perception which branch to take but most MS/MD Candidates want a super specialist tag.


Doctors have different choices. Some doctors opt for branches like Clinical immunology, clinical pharmacology or Medical genetics.

In surgery some opt for branches like Mch Plastic surgery, Neurosurgery, Endocrine surgery.

Some branches have more seats and others lesser. The choice depends on the institution, place and the facilities for doing Superspeciality.

Leading institutions like AIIMS Delhi, PGI, CMC Vellore, CMC  Ludhiana are prefffered.



  • boosts their chances of better Salary,
  • better placement,
  • Placement in a central place and a
  • better Hospital.

Overall future with Super specialist degrees is better.

Many specialists are financially rewarding like MCH Plastic surgery where one can earn a lot of money. Some branches tend to be more challenging like Neurosurgery and Critical Care medicine.

Whether  these   Super specialist   degrees are recognized outside the country or not. Frankly   not. They give an edge but are not recognised in countries like US and UK. But back home in all leading institutions and private practice Super specialists are preferred.

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