The NEET MCH Superspeciality Examinations have got a lot of change since NMC took over. The Examinations have improved in standard and the Examinations now are CBT (Computer Based).

There are various Superspecialities like General surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Neurosurgery, Surgical Oncology, Urology, Head and Neck Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Endocrine surgery and other Superspecialities.

Mch exams are getting tougher every year with growing competition. Our experts view all developments and urge students to prepare all important topics from standard text and use online resources for online exams. They prove to be highly beneficial for Mch exams.

All Mch Aspirants should have an exact idea of the Real Examination. This can be by having a look at NMC Website as well as online Tests like MedexamsPrep.

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The Questions Commonly asked by Mch Aspirants


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Mch Question Pattern


Multiple Telangiectasia’s in a patient with Pes Cavus deformity is due to  mutation in Gene Involving the Protein:

  1. SLAM Associated Protein
  2. ATM Protein
  3. WASP Protein
  4. JAk -3 Protein


Mch Question Pattern


A 44 -year-old male patient presents with a thyroid nodule. His pulse is 80/mm and blood pressure is 150/100 mmHg. Examination of the neck shows 3-cm thyroid nodule, which is hard and non-tender. Labs show normal TSH, T3 and T4. Urinalysis, serum sodium, serum potassium, serum calcium, serum creatinine, serum PTH and ERG are all normal. ENA biopsy of the thyroid nodule shows malignant cells. Serum calcitonin is found to be elevated. There are increased urinary levels of metanephrine and norepinephrine. He also has a family history of thyroid cancer. Genetic testing shows mutation in RET proto oncogene. Which of the following abnormalities is also present in most patients suffering from this disorder?


  1. Mucosal neuroma
  2. Pituitary Cancer
  3. Pancreatic islet cell tumor
  4.  Parathyroid adenoma


Mch Question Pattern


A 45 Year has been diagnosed with Resistant Hypertension and Renal artery stenosis. Investigation of choice for renal artery Stenosis is:         

  1. MRI
  2. DSA
  3. USG
  4. MRA


Mch Question Pattern


Xanthinol Nicotinate is Most  beneficial for

  1. Beurgers Disease
  2. Leriche's syndrome
  3. Takayasu's arteritis
  4. Wegners granulomatosis


Mch Question Pattern


The most common Leukocytoclastic vasculitis affecting children is:                   

  1. Takayasu disease
  2. Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome (Kawasaki disease)
  3. Henoch Schonelin purpura
  4. Polyarteritis nodosa


Mch Question Pattern

A   33 year old male presents to your office complaining of impotence. He says that he cannot reach erection even alter manual stimulation. Night time and morning erections are poor. He had a pelvic fracture accompanied with a urethral injury two months ago after a car accident. Early realignment of the urethral tear was performed. He is not taking any medications. He does not smoke or consume alcohol. What is the most probable cause of this patient’s condition?

  1. A. Venogenic
  2. B. Endocrinologic
  3. C. Neurogenic
  4. D. Systemic


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All Superspecialities should be studied from Standard Text Books. But that is not always possible for Mch Aspirants. With growing Competition there is need for Online Examinations to give a student an ability to understand the Examination pattern and what to study and the types of Questions asked in actual Examinations.


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